Susan Frye, Clerk of Forsyth County Superior Court
21st District of North Carolina

Jury Service – FAQ’s

Jury Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Serving on a jury is one of the most important duties of the citizens of our community.  The Clerk’s office knows that performing this duty does interrupt your normal life activities and we strive to make your service as pleasant as possible.  It is our pleasure to be in charge of the persons summoned for jury duty during their tenure as jurors.  Here are some of the questions that are most often asked by prospective jurors.  It is our hope this information will help you in preparing for your service. You, the Juror is a 15 minute video that depicts a typical juror’s experience in the courtroom. To view the video you will need Microsoft’s Media Player.

The summons is the first place to look for information about your service.  Many, if not most, of your questions will be answered on the summons.  Please take the time to read it carefully as it is intended to help you.

It is the duty of every citizen to respond to a jury summons and to act as a juror if so called. This being said, a jury summons is an official court document: i.e. a summons and therefore compels attendance. If you do not respond a judge can issue a show cause order and upon a proper showing hold you in contempt of court.

IF your juror number is not in the range of numbers needing to report for the date on your summons, then you are excused. Jury service in Forsyth County is good for 1 (one) day or 1 (one) trial, therefore, you will not be required to report the following day. Jury service is ONLY for the date listed on your jury summons.

If a juror loses their jury summons, they can obtain their Juror information on our jury self-help page. (Click Here to be directed to that webpage) Once Juror information is obtained, they will need to call or check website after 5:00pm the day before their jury date. If your juror number is needed, and you are required to report, please let the jury clerk know at check-in that you need a jury summons printed out. This summons is needed for orientation.

In North Carolina State Court you are summonsed for one day or one trial. This means that if you are not seated as a juror during that day your obligation is over and you will not be eligible to serve in State Court for the next two years.  If you are seated as a juror on a trial you are obligated to serve until released by the court.  The time depends on the length of the trial you are seated to hear.

There is free parking for Jurors at 3 locations (click here to see map) You may park at either the Liberty Plaza Parking Deck  (Northwest corner of Second and Liberty Street), BB&T Triad Park (Southwest corner of Second and Liberty) both located on Liberty Street or, for over-sized vehicles, the lot next to the Old City Hall (Southwest corner of Second and Main treets) with entrances on N. Church Street and North Main Street. There is no method for the Jury Clerk to reimburse for parking expenses, so parking in any other location is at your own expense.

When you enter the Forsyth County Hall of Justice you will be expected to go through a security entrance.  When possible, security officers at the MAIN STREET ENTRANCE will try to move all Jurors who show their summons through as quickly as possible in keeping with proper security procedures.

The Forsyth County Hall of Justice is a secured building. Items found are subject to be taken by security and not returned. Prohibited items included but are not limited to the following: aerosols (spray cans), alcohol (liquor), ammunition (in any form), belts/extra large buckles, box cutter, can opener, carabiners, chains, combs, corkscrews, drug paraphernalia,  fingernail files, fish hooks, forks/spoons (metal), gun/gun belts, hair picks (metal), handcuffs/handcuff keys, knitting needles, knives (any size), large laundry pins, meat thermometers, pad locks, personal defense items, razors, scissors, tape measures (metal), tools (leatherman, etc) tweezers and any other item as may be deemed potentially dangerous. Once you have cleared security you will proceed to the elevators located in the center of the building. Go to the fourth floor and when you exit the elevator turn to your right and go through a set of doors you will see to the right of the lobby. You will follow a hallway through two more sets of doors and dead end at the termination of the hallway. Turn left and the Jury Room is directly ahead. This is room 432. Please check in with the clerk on duty and you will receive further instructions.

The Clerk’s office supplies a selection of current magazines for your use, however, you may want to bring reading material in case our selection is not of interest to you. The county now provides free internet access to Jurors, only in the jury room. Cell phones and electronics devices (computers, laptops, iPads, iPods, etc.) are allowed in the jury room but MUST BE TURNED OFF while in a courtroom or they will be confiscated (no warnings are given). We have a vending area for jurors where they may purchase soft drinks and snacks; however you may bring your own snacks and/or lunch (microwave is available for jurors only). Lunch is not provided by the state.

Yes! Drinks and food are allowed in the jury room. Jurors may also bring their lunch. But, please note we have no way to refrigerate a juror’s drink or lunch, but there is a microwave located in the canteen area of the jury room for jurors who would like to use.

You should keep in mind that jury service is an important duty and dress with the respect for the job you are called upon to do. This being said, we suggest that you dress in a casual manner, in clothing that is comfortable for you to sit in for several hours. Business casual best describes this form of dress.

No. We do not provide child care in the Hall of Justice. You will need to make child care arrangements prior to your jury service.

No. At this time, the jury room is not equipped to facilitate nursing mothers. If you are juror who is nursing, please fill out the bottom portion of your summons or submit an electronic request to the jury clerk asking to be excused.

All citizens of the State are required to make themselves available for jury service except those individuals who:

  • Who have served on a jury within the last 2 years.
  • Who are not residents of Forsyth County
  • Who are not US Citizens
  • Have not reached the age of 18.
  • Who are not physically or mentally competent or have been declared incompetent by the Court.
  • Who cannot hear or understand the English language.
  • Who have been convicted of a felony, or plead guilty or nolo contendere to an indictment charging a felony and have not had their citizenship restored.
  • Individuals over the age of 72 that choose not to serve.

Individuals seeking to be excused from jury service will need to mail a request to the Chief District Court Judge of Forsyth County. Such request should be supported by some type of proof, for example medical excuses, a copy of your drivers license to show your age or address or a copy of your green card to prove you are not a US Citizen. If you have an emergency situation or extraordinary circumstances that may arise on the day of your service or while you are seated on a trial, the situation will need to be addressed by the trial judge.  The judge may choose to defer you to another day or excuse you from jury duty.

  • Remember to wear the red JUROR badge to signify that you are on jury duty.
  • Carefully follow all instructions of the judge.
  • Do not be late for Court.  The trial cannot proceed until all jurors are present.
  • Sit in the same seat in the jury box.  This allows the judge, lawyers and clerk to identify you more easily.
  • Listen carefully.

Do not talk to anyone about the case until the Judge instructs that you are allowed to do so. You may not talk to other jurors about the case until you all have retired to the jury room for final deliberations.  If anyone tries to talk to you about the case or attempts to influence you as a juror, you should report this to the judge or bailiff immediately.

For the first day of service you will receive $12.00, for days two through five you will receive $20.00 per day and for all following days $40.00.

This is left up to the individual company as to whether or not they pay you during the time you serve.  Please ask your employer what their policy is so there is no misunderstanding.

If you request the jury clerk for a written notification of your service we will be glad to provide one for you.  However, due to the number of jurors we serve we only provide one notification per juror.  Therefore, if you have two or more jobs it may be necessary for you to have a copy made for each employer and one for your records.

No.  State Law as recorded in North Carolina General Statute §9-32 Article 5 states that it is against the law to fire an employee for serving on jury service.

Once a decision is made as to whether there will be court held on a given day our office will change the message on the jury phone to reflect the decision.  That number is (336) 779-6305.  Also closing will be announced on the local television and radio stations and their web pages.