Juror Summons – Self Help Lookup

Jurors who have been summonsed since March 1, 2014.


Available: Name has been selected for Jury duty. Date and time has not been determined. Juror could receive a summons for the 2014-2015 period.

Disqualified:  Age 72 or older requesting the disqualification, Not a resident of Forsyth County, or major impairment/medical condition followed by a doctor’s note or, at the discretion of the Chief District Court Judge.

Excused:   Not a United States citizen, Full time students, medical condition followed by a Doctor’s note, or any other type of hardship(s) reviewed by the Chief District Court Judge.

Phone Excused:  Jurors who received a jury summons but their jury number was not needed for the date on their summons. Their jury service is excused and will be put back in the current 2 year jury pool — they may receive another jury summons as quickly as one month from the previous service date.

No Show:  Jurors who failed to report for jury service and their juror number was called. Failure to Appear as ordered for jury service could result in a Show Cause Order being issued by the judge along with a fine of $50.00 per GS:9-13.

Pulled: Jury summons has been issued and mailed with jurors service date.

Served: Juror reported as ordered and was sworn in for jury duty. After service, they are exempt for 2 years.

Undeliverable:  Jury summons was returned back to the Clerk’s Office indicating an invalid mailing address.

To see a calendar of the previous Juror numbers called click here and scroll up or down to see additional months.


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