Susan Frye, Clerk of Forsyth County Superior Court
21st District of North Carolina

Juror Summons – Self Help Lookup


Available: Name has been selected for Jury duty. Date and time has not been determined. Juror could receive a summons for the 2014-2015 period.

Disqualified:  Age 72 or older requesting the disqualification, or major impairment/medical condition followed by a doctor’s note or, at the discretion of the Chief District Court Judge.

Excused:  Not a United States citizen, Not a resident of Forsyth County, Full time students, medical condition followed by a Doctor’s note, or any other type of hardship(s) reviewed by the Chief District Court Judge.

Phone Excused:  Jurors who received a jury summons but their jury number was not needed for the date on their summons. Their jury service is excused and will be put back in the jury pull for the next 2 year pull.

No Show:  Jurors who failed to report for jury service and their juror number was called. Failure to Appear as ordered for jury service could result in a Show Cause Order being issued by the judge along with a fine of $50.00 per GS:9-13.

Pulled: Jury summons has been issued and mailed with jurors service date.

Served: Juror reported as ordered and was sworn in for jury duty. After service, they are exempt for 2 years.

Undeliverable:  Jury summons was returned back to the Clerk’s Office indicating an invalid mailing address.

To see a calendar of the previous Juror numbers called click here and scroll up or down to see additional months.

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