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Please read the “Instructions for Request File Copy” before submitting a request.

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If you need certified copies or a criminal background record check you must mail a self-addressed prepaid envelope along with payment (certified funds) to Clerk of Court, Attn: Civil Records, P.O. Box 20099, Winston-Salem, NC 27120.

File copy fees for certified copies:
Certified copy $3.00 first page and .25 each additional page
Civil Revocation $100.00
Criminal background record check $25.00 certified funds or cash on site
Regular copy by mail (not certified) $2.00 first page and .25 each additional page
All requests for certified copies must be mailed in with self addressed prepaid envelopes and be paid for in advance with certified funds OR the request must be made in person. By filling out this form and submitting a request, you are obtaining a uncertified copy. 


Please be advised that the following files may not be immediately available or may be unavailable for this online service: 1998 or earlier Estate (“E”) Files; 2015 or earlier Special Proceeding (“SP”) Files. If you need immediate access to these files, then you will need to view the Microfilm or CD archives located in our Civil Records Division. If you make a request for these files, please allow up to three (3) business days to receive a response from our office.


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Foreclosure documents are not available from "Request File Copy".

Please see www.NCFCC.US/foreclosures for more information.

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2 digit year plus type CR, CVD, CVM, CVS, E or SP plus case/file number, example 12CVD12345

Plaintiff's name (Decedent's Name for Estate files): (required) Last Name first then First Name

Defendant's name: Last Name first then First Name

Check the box below if you want the ENTIRE case file. Please note that files greater than 50 pages must be handled in person at the Clerk's Office.

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If you are requesting only a selection of case filings, please indicate the specific document(s) or provide as many details about the requested document(s) as you can in the field below. This will assist us in processing your request without delays.

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